Below are a few pictures of some of the instruments the boys play: 6 Piece Red Pearl Custom Session Series Drum Set / 5 Piece Yamaha Electronic Drum Kit / 250W Crate Digital Electric Guitar Amp / 4000W Yamaha Power Mixer AMP and PA System / 100W Berringer Bass Guitar AMP Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar / Gibson Electric Guitar / Ibenez Bass Guitar / Yamaha Accoustic Guitar.

My oldest son plays the drums in a 5 piece band called AWOL with friends from High School, Hockey and his Baseball teams. He also plays percussions for the Dedham High School Band.

My youngest playes Electric, Accoustic and the Bass Guitar. He plays Bass Guitar for the Dedham Middle School Band and will occationally jam with his big brother's band.

[ Video of Jimmy banging on the drums ]

[ Video of my oldest son warming up on the Drums Before Band Practice ]

[ Video of the boys jamming ]

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