Jim Pezzone Setting The Pace and Stretching the Envelope - 2009
When teams work together with a common goal and
a passion for success, their projects succeed

Thanks for visiting my home page. I suppose that this is where I'm supposed to spill my guts, so here goes...

I'm 47-years old, I have been married for the past 22 years and we are the proud parents of 2 amazing boys, ages 17 and 13. I grew up in Roslindale and lived there for my first 23 years, lived in Hyde Park for the next 17 years and have spent the past 5 years living in Dedham, MA Greenlodge area.

By profession, I'm a Financial Systems Analyst and I have spent the last 12 years working at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, MA as Director of Budgets and Financial Systems. One of the most Successful, Cutting Edge, Forward Thinking, High Tech Companies in the Healthcare Industry. A World Class Industry Leader and one of the Best, Most Respected Organizations in the New England Area to work for. My free time activities include spending time with family and friends. For the past 13+ years the majority of my time has been spent with my boys and their activites, school, music, and sports. I have coached 2 Baseball Teams for 8 years from Little League through Babe Ruth, helped coach their Hockey teams and today we enjoy playing musical instruments together. I enjoy jogging, playing racquetball, tennis, riding my Harley, listening to and playing music and obviously computer technology. Here are a few quick items to get your bearings...

After graduating, I accepted an Auditing position with Honeywell Information Systems, Inc. in 1981. I was employed there for 16 years, I held 7 positions in the Finance Organization, each of increasing responsibility and was recruited into the Finance Career Development Program in 1986. After 12 years of Company restructuring, downsizing and annual layoffs I decided to resign in 1996 and pursue a career as an Oracle Financial's Implementation Consultant. Unfortunately that career choice led to many business trips away from home and after 12 months decided it was not the direction I wanted to pursue.

In 1997 I joined the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, MA. and have spent the last 12+ years managing the Company's $1B Operating Plan and much time is spent managing existing and developing new Financial Systems. Project Leader from the Design, Implementation, through ongoing support and maintenance of the PeopleSoft/Oracle Web Based Financial's System. Major projects and accomplishments include:

  • Designed, developed and implemented a Corporate Wide fully automated Budgeting and Planning System utilizing Microsoft Access, Excel, Visual Basic, PeopleSoft/Oracle technologies. I have successfuly designed, developed and deployed many Corporate Wide, PC, Network, Client Server, Intanet and Internet based Financial Systems that support thousands of users. Company wide Budgeting, Forecasting, Estimating, Consildations, and Reporting Data Models are a sample of Systems I have designed and implemented for the past 18 or so years.

  • Designed, developed and implemented an Intranet based Financial Portal. Designed and developed over 85+ Microsoft Excel Financial Data Models utilizing VB, Pivot Tables, ODBC connectivity into PeopleSoft/Oracle, HTML and Java. 100% of Company Financial Reports (P&L's, Balance Sheets, Trial Balance, AP Vendor Detail, FTEs, Inventory Transaction, Operating Plans, Statistical Data, etc.) are available to Lahey's entire Management Team online through the Portal. It eliminated the weekly and monthly sorting and distribution of department paper reports, report availability increased by 40%, countless annual man hours were saved and the Portal has helped turn the Financial Services Organization into a 100% paper-less environment.

  • Designed a Visual Basic powered Access Database Program to systematically create and distribute thousands of reports through company e-mail system attaching xls, mdb, pdf, html, csv, doc, files or intranet based hyper-links to Lahey Management. PeopleSoft/Oracle nVision Financial reports, Labor reports, etc, are e-mailed upon the click of a button.

  • Finance Project Leader in the implementation, software upgrades, support and maintenance of the PeopleSoft/Oracle Financial Systems. Frequently called upon to provide on-going Technical and Software Support to the Finance Organization and Operations Management Team.

  • Never afraid and always willing to work long hours to help the team get the job done. Well organized, results oriented, self motivated, forward thinking innovator, and a loyal team player. Always considered to be one of the Organizations Highest Producers. I thrive on the camaraderie of being part of a hard-working team and always support my co-workers in anyway possible.

  • I take great personal pride in my work ethic and can always be relied upon to get the job done.

    Check back here for more exciting news on my entrepreneurial exploits!

    As far as computers and technology are concerned, I've been using computers and automating business applications since 1985. I have in-depth experience designing, developing and implementing Client/Server and Web based Software Applications that include Oracle and PeopleSoft Financial's, Web based Financial Portals, HTML, MicroSoft Office, Excel (ver. 97 - 2007), Lotus, Macros and Visual Basic, etc.

    Outside of the world of high technology I am very active with sports and music. Most nights, I can typically be found racing around like a nut trying to get my boys off to their evening activities, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Karate, Drum and Guitar lessons to name a few. On the occasional night off I am usually engaged in some sort of athletic activity, such as bike riding and rollerblading. We also enjoy taking in a local Little League or High School sporting events. For the past 10 years I have coached my son's T-Ball, Little League, Babe Ruth and Summer All Star Baseball Teams. Officially retired from coaching in 2007 (we shall see) after 3 Little League World Championships, A Boston Mayors Cup All Star Championship and a trip to Cooperstown. I enjoy the time spent with my boys and being part of their activities. Occasionally I'll hop on my Harley Low Rider for an afternoon ride. When time permits to just kick back and relax, I enjoy watching the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots.

    The Perfect 18-0 1999 Undefeated Athletics - World Series Champions!
    Hyde Park 10 Year Old All Stars Win 2001 Mayors Cup Championship!
    2003 Hyde Park Minor League Red Sox - World Series Champions! (Microsoft Word Required)

    On the weekends, I enjoy the beach, cookouts by the pool, Cape Cod and New Hampshire vacations, playing catch in the back yard, swimming, roller blading, table hockey, ping pong, going to the movies, skiing, ice skating and playing musical instruments are many of the things we like to do.

    Music is also a pretty large part of my life, so it deserves its own section here. Although my passion for music encompasses both performance and listening, these days it's mostly the latter. I started playing the drums at nine and joined my first band at sixteen. I played in other bands before hanging up the skins at twenty four. I am still not over it. Today I get to relive my childhood and musical aspirations through my boys by teaching and watching them play.
    [ Video of the boys playing the Guitar and Drums ]
    [ Video of my son warming up on the Drums ]

    With 4 words I can summarize and describe my Character, Morals, and Ethics.

    They are my most valued treasures and inspire me to always try my hardest... I am committed to give everything I have to the areas of my life most important to me.

    The satisfaction, motivation, energy, drive, happiness, fulfillment, personal satisfaction and rewards they provide me draw my most sincere and committed efforts. Honesty, trust, respect, loyalty, dedicated work ethic, attitude, spirit are a few core values that are important to me.

    Thinking back and Looking ahead, nothing is more important to me than the time, energy and efforts I devote to the development, care and upbringing of my boys. I stay involved in every aspect of their lives, helping with education, attending and participating in their sporting activities, coaching Baseball and Hockey Teams, attending school meetings and presentations, providing encouragement and support without pressure or expectations. Teaching with patients, listening and learning, instilling values, respect, honesty, trust and confidence will provide the foundation to help them grow and succeed. Their successes and accomplishments are my rewards. They are the world to me, my best friends, and I will not fail.

    So that's it for now... stayed tuned for new information as my life unfolds!

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